Lofi zen-like physics based game where you collect items in order to get the high score.


Double click (or tap) to release the ball. Tap (or click) to guide the ball.

Collect items on your way down.

When you hit the ground you'll advance to the next level, and when you reach the end your score will be displayed. Can you top your own score?


  • 3 addicting levels
  • See how high you can get your score and then beat it!
  • Designed to be both a skill and luck based game
  • No lose condition, we're all winners here champ.
  • Original 8-bit sound effects & an ambient/electronic soundtrack


  • Collect cherries & pineapples (100 points), emeralds & rubies (350 points) and coins (1 point + double your score).
  • Hit pegs to slow down your descent and avoid mines they lower your score.
  • Watch out for mega-mines they obliterate your score!
  • Use bounce pegs to jump quickly

Inspired in part by Pinball, Paplinko, and Peggle

Silkscreen font recommended, but not required for play.

Published Dec 07, 2016
Author309 Software
Made withConstruct 2
Tagslofi, Physics

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